Training your staff on EE
All companies, who have to comply with Employment Equity, have to submit a report this year by the 1st October 2012 to the Government’s Employment Equity Board. One of the compliance requirements in the EE Act is that companies are compelled, by legislation, to have all their staff trained in on the act. Should inspectors visit your premises, it is one of the first things they will ask when encountering staff members– have you been trained on EE in the last reporting year?

Equity Works and The Training Room Online have collaborated to convert this vital and mandatory training into an online or DVD format, making it easier for companies to access training for all their staff.

The use of our online or DVD training facility works out to be more cost effective than conventional training and will allow you to save time and reach a much wider audience in your business. It will also allow you to tick this fundamental box for EE compliance.

Please contact us if you wish to set up an appointment to find out more about this cost effective way of training your staff on EE.


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