Cultural Sensitivity Diversity and Inclusion

Key to harmony in a country as diverse as ours is mutual respect of employees towards each other and to all outsiders that have dealings with the company.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict is damaging to an organisation. There are many reasons in our workplaces why there is conflict – the tempo at which we work, the diversity in approach and values, under-developed skills in dealing with conflict or outright conflict avoidance.

Bullying and Harassment

A requirement of the Employment Equity legislation, Sexual Harassment Training and Awareness aims to prevent any unfair discrimination based on gender, sex and identity. We broaden our training to include other forms of harassment and bullying; it is important to sensitise staff to ensure that people are not either directly or indirectly trampling on the dignity of others.

Enhance the EQ of your people

1 Day Workshop

In most organisations, we have one or two people who seem to manage their lives and interaction with people better than others. It is those who never seem to lose their cool, who manage themselves and others with wisdom, empathy and maturity. Such people focus on enhancing, rather than breaking down relationships. The beauty is that EQ may be learned and improved.

Managing Performance incorporating Discipline and Incapacity

2 Day Workshop

In our research on good management skills relating to people, we have found that performance management is a neglected and poorly developed area. We appoint people who are good at their jobs to management positions. This does not mean they manage people well and once appointed we provide little or no training on people skills and provide these managers very little support.

Coaching for Managers

1 Day Workshop

Coaching is a process companies may use to ensure that employees feel comfortable in the workplace, improve their skills and apply what they know more effectively. It is a way for employees to learn about their jobs and navigate their the business in a way that is safe and empowering.

Online Training & Digital Solutions

Equity Works in collaboration with SLC Research Associates provides customised E-Learning products for clients by digitising existing training materials for employees or creating new online material. We have provided immersive digital training materials for the University of Western Cape and Premium Ideas and other clients.

SLC Research Associates is a Cape Town-based research consultancy specialising in cultural analysis & creating customised E-Learning products for organisational growth.

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