Employment Equity Barrier Audit

By law, it is compulsory to conduct an analysis of your workplace to make sure no barriers are experienced by any of your employees. This is an ideal opportunity to uncover any issues your people may have and provides business information enabling you to address these and make changes to enhance productivity.

Barrier Analysis

This is probably the most critical part of your EE process, other than setting goals and targets. Barrier identification goes to the heart of your culture, what is really happening in your organisation and what people feel about their ability to be nurtured and reach their full potential. You cannot remove unfair discrimination without such an audit, nor can you implement proper Affirmative Action measures without knowing exactly what the actual issues are in your workplace.

Do you know what your managers are doing at the coal face, when they deal with people?

Do you know what employees say and do to each other that may be discriminatory and expose you to risk (especially in the era of Social Media?)

You can only really know if you conduct an audit that is designed to uncover what is really happening – even if you have the best policies in place.

Our expertise lies in 2 approaches to uncovering the barriers specific to your environment:

  • We design confidential surveys and have years of experience in facilitating Focus Group discussions around barriers. Both are recommended by the Department of Labour as GOOD PRACTICE.
  • Not only do we give you accurate survey results, but we analyse the information, and workshop the analyses with the EE Forum to give you accurate business information that you can address.
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