Management Training Courses

The Full Training program is ideal for for supervisors and team-leaders and runs over 6 months period. Alternatively each Module can be booked individually.

During Covid we developed online training, which worked much better than we initially thought. We do all our training online and have found it to be extremely effective. We use both Zoom and Teams platforms and can migrate to any inhouse platform used by your company.


Managing Discipline Training Course

  • Introduction to the Labour Relations Act, Code of Good Practice, Schedule 8 and approach to fair labour practice.
  • What is Fairness?
  • How do I apply progressive and corrective discipline?
  • When can I dismiss on first offence?
  • Can an employee eventually be dismissed for continuing to flout rules?
  • What is the paper-trail that I must keep to ensure success in the CCMA, if the employee refers us?

Case Studies, Exercises, model answer provided.


Managing positively to enhance performance – Training Course

  • An introduction to different management styles
  • How to motivate, delegate and lead
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Objectivising difficult conversations
  • Introduction to the Pygmalion effect of managing people
  • How emotions play a role in good management (EQ – an introduction)

This is done on a workshop basis, with input invited by the supervisors on their understanding of how to best manage this aspect with employees. Case Studies, Exercises and Role Play on performance feedback.

The training is followed by an evaluation, in which the training as whole is summarised in a report.


Incapacity Management – Training Course

  • How to positively manage poor performance
  • What are key performance areas? – i.e. the most important things the employee must achieve?
  • How can we coach/help employees to achieve these?
  • Using the Code of Good Practice, how can we help an employee create an action plan to improve performance?
  • When can we move to an incapacity hearing?
  • What are the 5 things we must show before we can dismiss a poor performing employee?

We use case studies, exercises and role plays to embed the learnings. The course is practical and managers/supervisors are encouraged to use actual past scenarios they have faced.



EQ for Managers – Training Course

  • Enhancing your Emotional Intelligence Quotient and how this impacts on the relationships in your working environment, both internally and with customers, suppliers and clients?
  • What is EQ?
  • How is it measured?
  • How can we grow our own EQ and show more empathy to others?
  • What do the various emotions tell us about ourselves?
  • How can we enhance our internal language to improve behaviours within our teams?

Case Studies, Exercises and discussions to create a better understanding of the environment within which the managers are working


Conflict Resolution Training Course

  • Conflict can polarise the environment and affect productivity.
  • Know and understand the structure of conflict.
  • Know when to step in, or let the conflict go to resolve itself.
  • What is management mediation?
  • What are the key tools I can use in the workplace to resolve any conflict?
  • How do I get the conflicting employees to commit to resolve the conflict?

Role play of a mediation, Case Studies and Exercises.


Leadership Training Course

  • What is leadership and what is the best model for leadership?
  • Leadership models and different approaches to leadership. What are the basic skills any leader should have?
  • How do we consolidate all the information gained from the training thus far and develop our own leadership style?
  • What is the “Dare to Lead” (Brene Brown) and what is vulnerability and courage?
  • How can we adopt our own unique leadership style and be totally authentic in our interactions with others, especially those we are leading?

Exercises, case studies and interactive discussion on leadership styles. Establishing the values the company wishes to stand for and build on.

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