COVID-19 Return to work assessment of employees

Jul 15, 2020 | Covid-19

Guideline for HR in interviewing the candidate:

It is critical to establish trust with the employee. You must assure the person that the questions are in their personal interest – not to pry, but in a genuine attempt to ensure their health and that of the entire staff.

You must obtain their consent before you ask some of the questions below. If need be, obtain the consent in writing. You may have to verify some of the information with a doctor, and in this case, consent is critical.

You must assure the person that they will not be victimised/discriminated against/prejudiced in any way.

Some of the answers below, if answered in the positive, will require interventions by you. Interventions are suggested in a separate document.

In the interests of ensuring we have a risk-free environment for returning to work, we must ask you some questions.

Please do not feel that this will affect your employment with us – we will work with you, to adopt strategies to either keep you working from home, or to allow you to apply for sick leave.

The questionnaire is completely confidential and will only be held in the HR Department. No-one else in the business will know.

This questionnaire is in the interest of your personal health and for your colleagues.

  1. Do you have any of the underlying illnesses:
  1. Chronic lung disease or moderate to severe asthma?
  1. Heart condition?

  1. Are you immunocompromised? Do you have one of the following conditions?

  1. Are you undergoing cancer treatment?
  1. Are you a heavy smoker?
  1. Have you undergone bone marrow or organ transplant?
  1. Are you HIV/AIDS positive, not on medication? Do you know what your CD4 count is?
  1. Are you taking corticosteroids?
  1. Are you considered clinically obese?
    Do you have any kidney disease or are you undergoing dialysis?
  1. Do you have any form of liver disease?
  1. Are you a heavy drinker?
  1. Do you suffer from diabetes?
  1. Do you have tuberculosis? Are you taking medication for TB?

Do you have to come to work in a taxi/

Do you come to work by train?

Do you live in a squatter camp?

Are you in an environment living w old people?

How many people do you share your home living arrangements with? If necessary, would you be able to quarantine yourself at home for 14 days?

Are you pregnant?

Download questionnaire viewed below.