Letter to Supplier

Dear Supplier/Service Provider

Covid-19 Health & Safety Guidelines to Suppliers and Service Providers

We are writing to you to notify you of the health and safety precautions that we are putting in place for the post lockdown period.

The precautions we are taking are in the interest of taking a consolidated, prudent approach to managing both your and our staff in a manner that promotes occupational health and safety and minimizes the spread of the virus. We trust you will take this in the spirit with which we write to you and to assist us in any way you can, even by pointing out how we can improve our approach.

1. Firstly, all visitors to our premises are required to make a pre-appointment. No visitors will be received without pre-approved and arranged appointment.

2. Visitors arriving at our workplace will be required to present a completed Visitors’ Risk Assessment Form which will be sent to you in advance when making your appointment to visit.

3. Your Risk Assessment Form will be assessed and one of our Covid managers will be informed if there are any red flags.

4. We will only allow visitors to enter the workplace who have an appointment and where there are no red flags.

5. The following health and safety measures will be conducted at security upon your arrival:
a. We will screen you for your temperature and record this on your Visitors Risk Assessment Form.
b. We will ask you to sanitize your hands.
c. If you are not wearing a mask, you will be asked to put one on. Failure to do so will prevent your entry onto our premises.
d. We ask that you adhere to our 2-meter social distancing policy at all times during your visit.

6. No visitors are permitted to enter our buildings without explicit permission by a Manager and without being chaperoned by the relevant company employee. Only contractors/suppliers who are required to perform critical tasks will be given permission.

7. If you are delivering any goods to us, we ask that you ensure the goods have been sanitized, prior to loading, and that all personnel managing the goods have thoroughly washed and sanitized their hands before handling any of the goods. Goods being delivered shall be placed in the relevant demarcated area and will be pointed out to you by whomever at our company is receiving you.

Please be assured that we will be mindful of the health and safety of all your staff and ask that you do the same to our staff when visiting our premises.

Together, with everyone’s co-operation, we will fight this pandemic and hopefully soon feel that we have beaten it.

Thanking you for your understanding and kind cooperation.


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