Bullying and Harassment Workshop

Half-Day or Full-Day Workshop

A requirement of the Employment Equity legislation, Sexual Harassment Training and Awareness aims to prevent any unfair discrimination based on gender, sex and identity. It is important to sensitise staff to ensure that people are not either directly or indirectly trampling on the dignity of others. In all the environmental audits conducted across industry and genre, we have found that bullying is a far greater problem than sexual harassment, although the latter occurs more frequently than the number of complaints raised suggests. We therefore decided to broaden the scope of awareness to general harassment (without focusing only on sexual harassment) and bullying, which is unfortunately rife in the workplace.

– If you are a bully, can you recognize yourself and seek help?
– And if you are on the receiving end of bullying, can you protect yourself and how?

The training aims to identify bullying from both the perpetrator and the victim’s perspective. Bullying changes work environments and is toxic. One of the symptoms of bullying, is that bullies surrounds themselves with an in-group, creating an “us” and “them” damaging work atmosphere. People who are targets of bullying become increasingly fearful, isolated and eventually unproductive. Senior managers are often unaware of what is happening, which is not true of other employees, who all know. Even if they are sympathetic, they often feel powerless and do not speak out.

With practical skits and examples, the workshop aims to eradicate the incidences of both bullying and harassment, including harassment of a sexual nature, to create a happier and more productive workplace

Workshop Content

  • Overview of unfair discrimination and how bullying and harassment are identified
  • Code of Good Practice on Sexual Harassment
  • What is Bullying?
  • How do I know that I am a bully/being bullied?
  • What constitutes Harassment?
  • How do I complain if I think I have been harassed?
  • What if I am victimized?
  • Who do I speak to?
  • All our training is supported by stories, examples and live clips to graphically illustrate cases of harassment and bullying


Who should attend

Any MD, Financial managers, HR personnel and line managers who manage staff. This is not only for HR personnel.

Understanding how to sensitize your workplace on issues relating to bullying and harassment Building confidence with staff on how to raise issues and manage them when raised.

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