Emotional Intelligence Training Workshop

Full Day Workshop

Getting on with People requires maturity and professionalism. Another way of putting it – it requires emotional intelligence or EQ.

In most organisations, we will find one or two people who seem to manage their lives and interaction with people better than others. It is those who never seem to lose their cool, who manage themselves and others with wisdom, empathy and maturity.

We are all capable of managing ourselves and our interaction with others better. Awareness, starting with one-self is the start of developing and growing your EQ. Knowing what emotions are and what they say about us, is the art to knowing how to manage ourselves and the people around us. In a world, where stress often causes us to manage situations in ways that fuels conflict rather than diffuse it, this is a life-skill which greatly enhances our lives, particularly in the workplace.

It is possible to teach (and learn) EQ. It starts with self-evaluation and introspection. Our module teaches people more about themselves and how they can improve their reaction to and management of, others around them.

Who Should Attend: All staff, including managers and HR personnel.

Module One:

  • Management of Self: Introduction to the concept of Emotional Intelligence
  • Self-evaluation survey
  • Identifying key issues in relationships
  • How do we like to be thought of: Analysing ideal relationships with colleagues and authority figures

Module Two:

  • Management of Others−Building trust with your team
  • Appropriate responses to situations
  • Managing relationships and moods
  • Understanding Power


  • Modules that are custom-built for your environment
  • Knowing how to positively manage yourself and others and increase your EQ
  • Use trust building and power-sharing in your relationships with others
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