Coaching for Managers Workshop

1 Day Workshop

Coaching is a process managers may use to ensure that employees feel comfortable in the workplace, improve their skills and apply what they know more effectively. It is a way for employees to learn about their jobs and navigate the business in a way that is safe and empowering.

In most organisations, we have one or two people who are natural coaches and who seem to manage people better than others. It is those who are willing to put time into employees, manage people with wisdom, maturity and infinite patience.

Employees naturally gravitate to those people but in truth, these sorts of managers are few and far between. For the rest, managers tend to turn away from employees who are not coping and only very pro-active strong individuals succeed in this type of environment. Managers believe that other, quieter and more timid employees are not good at their jobs – whereas the opposite is likely to be true. This type of management increases the stress levels in an organisation significantly and decreases productivity. Coaching training provides managers with the confidence to enhance the performance of all employees. Using her knowledge and experience as a qualified Executive Coach, Marleen is able to impart basic skills to assist managers to coach employees to be the best they can be.


Module One

  • What is coaching? How does it differ from mentoring?
  • Introduction to the concept of positive coaching
  • Leadership and the good coach
  • Coaching, counseling, facilitating and listening
  • Analysing ideal relationships with the coachee, their line manager and the business
  • The coach and the coachee: characteristics

Module Two

  • Establishing a program
  • Outline of the coaching relationship
  • Using coaching to enhance performance
  • Confidentiality
  • A practical process


  • An understanding of some Coaching Models
  • Practical tips on implementation
  • Deciding on the best model for your environment
  • Measuring success
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