Conflict Resolution Workshop

1 Day Workshop

Conflict is damaging to an organisation. The way we work gives rise to many reasons for causing conflict – the tempo that we work at, the diversity in approach and values and under-developed skills in dealing with conflict.

Our course is designed to help you identify the causes of conflict and how to deal with them effectively as soon as they arise. Disputes in the workplace result in lost time, polarisation and sometimes even sabotage.

Outline of training:

  • Introduction to Conflict, its causes and identifying the roots of human behaviour
  • Developing listening skills
  • Understanding the Elements of Conflict and underlying interests
  • What is Management Mediation and what are the key tools?

We learn how to:

  • Set the room and adapt our body language and tone to enhance listening
  • Invoke empathy
  • Use some key tools to unlock the underlying causes of the conflict (iceberg of conflict)
  • Assist the parties to create an agreement of future behaviour towards each other, based on mutual respect
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